MNL119 - PCI Drafting Handbook, 2nd Ed.

MNL119 - PCI Drafting Handbook, 2nd Ed.
PCI Drafting Handbook - Precast and Prestressed Concrete, Revised 2nd Edition (MNL-119-90)

This handbook, which is a second edition of the "Architectural Precast Concrete Drafting Handbook" published in 1975, is an essential reference for individuals or firms involved in the preparation or use of precast concrete drawings. It clearly lays out industry standards for manual and computer aided drafting (CAD) of both architectural and structural precast and prestressed concrete. The PCI Drafting Handbook is intended to serve several functions: (1) as the industry standard for use by any individual or firm involved in the preparation and/or use of precast concrete drawings, (2) as a textbook for use in training drafters in high schools, vocational schools, and on-the-job training programs conducted by precast concrete producers or drafting firms, and (3) as a guide for the purchase, implementation and operation of a CAD system. Outline of Contents Introduction Provides a general overview of the precast and prestressed concrete industry for the novice drafter so that the material in the Handbook can be understood more easily. Administrative Considerations External and internal communications, personnel-organization and responsibilities.

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