fib101 Precast Concrete in Tall Buildings

fib101 Precast Concrete in Tall Buildings
fib 101 Precast Concrete in Tall Buildings (fib-101-21)

This Bulletin 101 is a joint publication between PCI and fib

Precast concrete is one of the materials of construction used to form the framework and envelope of tall buildings. It has been used from whole frameworks to facades, and precast components have been mixed with structural steelwork and cast-in-place concrete. This state-of-the-art report shows how precast concrete can be effectively integrated into tall buildings using modern materials and techniques, drawing on the experience and expertise that is currently available in the global precast concrete industry. The report is aimed at not only building professionals and students, but also at contractors, investors, owners, public bodies, and any other parties interested in the possibilities for use of precast concrete in tall building construction. Extensive case studies at the end of the Bulletin illustrate the benefits and applications discussed in the earlier chapters.

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