TR615 Guidelines For Self-Consolidating Concrete EBOOK
TR615 Guidelines For Self-Consolidating Concrete EBOOK
Guidelines For The Use Of Self-Consolidating Concrete In Precast/Prestressed Concrete, 2nd Edition EBOOK (EPUB-TR-6-15)

The guidelines have been updated to incorporate developments that have taken place since 2003. The term “interim” has been removed from the title in recognition that these guidelines represent current recommended practice of using SCC in the precast/prestressed concrete industry. These guidelines address the use of SCC in precast, prestressed concrete manufacturing plants and reference PCI plant quality manuals MNL-116-99 and MNL-117-13. Construction site use of SCC is not addressed in these guidelines. The goal of this publication is to present recommendations for best practices for use of SCC as applicable to current North American practice.