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Why Precast?

From accelerating construction speed and delivering one-of-a-kind façade appearance to providing the resiliency to meet multi-hazard requirements, precast, prestressed concrete is a modern prefabrication building material.

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PCI and PCI Mid-Atlantic offers a variety of education opportunities for members, university students and professors, and design professionals at all levels of their careers.

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Bridge & Transportation Resources

Achieve quick turnarounds, high quality, greater durability, and ease of use. Precast is ideal for short- to long-span bridges, superstructures and substructures, and transportation applications.

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Design Resources

Designer Resources

Engineered coordination through design assistance, budget and schedule compliance, precast can affordably mimic most exterior finishes with a limitless variety of appearances.

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Construction Resources

Improve on-site logistics, project scheduling, and use precast to meet tight deadlines. Precast structures can deliver reduced long-term maintenance, operating costs, and improved occupant comfort.

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Academia Resources

Give your students the opportunity to learn more about precast and prepare for successful careers. Discover and share knowledge about performance, installation, aesthetics, safety, sustainability, and more.

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