Precast Concrete Resilience: Built to Last

Resiliency needs to be designed for today and built to withstand tomorrow. Resiliency matters and should be as critical in structural design considerations as in reducing our carbon footprint.

Incorporating Parking into Mixed-Use Development with Precast Concrete

Discover how precast concrete, with its numerous advantages, is the ideal solution for owners, developers, designers, and contractors alike, when it comes to incorporating parking into mixed-used development.

Accelerated Bridge Construction - Faster, Safer, Better

Precast concrete is an excellent choice for accelerated bridge construction due to its speed, versatility, resiliency, and high quality.

Precast Concrete Delivers Affordable Housing

Precast concrete affordable housing benefits ALL stakeholders by offering innovative solutions for designers, cost savings for owners/developers, and contractors while delivering safe and affordable housing for occupants.

Sculptural and Radii Precast Concrete Achieve Organic Design

Ongoing advances in precast design and manufacturing inspire the creation of unique sculptural and radiused features to achieve organic design.

Precast Fire Resistance Design

Concrete and precast structures are the BEST solution when designing for fire resistance. Precast concrete is non-combustible, helps to contain fires, and continues to provide support to the structure even in intense heat.

K-12 and Vocational Precast Schools

The increasing demand for skilled workers is spurring renewed interest in vocational schools. To meet the demand, vocational schools are turning to precast to meet expansion goals while adhering to schedule and budget requirements.

Precast Protects Critical Infrastructure

Protecting a country as vast as the United States, along with the 330 million people who live here, is a daunting task that is never finished. Threats come daily in the form of natural disasters, terroristic actions and health concerns.

Precast and Healthcare Facilities

When the goal is the creation of safe, sustainable, flexible and cost efficient structures...precast concrete building products rise to the occasion.

Reinventing the College Campus Using Precast Concrete

Precast offers designs that create safe, aesthetically pleasing, high performing structures with the longevity to house generations of students for decades to come.

Protect What Matters With Precast

In times of heightened security needs, precast concrete provides the strength and durability necessary to secure critical structures such as military and government buildings.

Precast is Resilient

Buildings have to withstand much more than just supporting those inside it. They also have to be resilient towards both man-made and natural events.

Precast and Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is one of the top considerations when designing a new structure. Determining which building materials will provide the most effective resistance to fires is a keystone to every project.

Precast Piles

Driven deep into the earth and often unseen, lies one of the most durable and economic foundations produced in the precast concrete industry...piles.

Wind Resistance and Precast Concrete

The powerful nature of storms and what is required to produce a storm resistant product is something PCI has been studying for decades through impact testing of prestressed precast concrete products.

Off-Site Construction

Industry trends are leading more towards offsite construction and the use of precast to reduce schedules and improved project efficiency.