The increasing demand for skilled workers is spurring renewed interest in vocational schools. Students are weighing future career options closely and beginning to understand that a skilled and trained worker has great potential in the building industry. The ability to steer clear of college loans and enter the workforce with valuable skills is creating a push toward the growth and expansion of vocational-technical schools. To meet the demand, vocational schools are turning to precast to meet expansion goals while adhering to schedule and budget requirements.

Precast is produced off-site and can be quickly assembled on-site without causing major disruption to existing operations. New facilities can be erected over the summer or winter months and be ready for spring or fall semesters without delay.  

Precast is designed for extended service life including reduced future maintenance expense. Facilities constructed with precast withstand extreme weather conditions and maximize occupant safety. 

In addition to the extended service life and reduced maintenance concerns, architects and engineers design facilities that are aesthetically pleasing both inside and out. Interior spaces can be designed with open floor plans to allow natural light and comfortable, adaptable learning spaces for students.  The exterior options of the architectural precast allow for the creation of unique, visually striking facilities that students will be proud to attend.

In the PCI Northeast region, several vocational schools are currently under construction or have recently been constructed showcasing how precast is the perfect solution for these types of facilities.

Roger Putnam Vocational High School, Springfield, Mass.

The Roger Putnam Vocational High School used a precast panel system to build the cafeteria, gym, library, and after-hours community access facilities.  Putman has academic classrooms with dedicated shops, an unusual feature of a vocational school. Precast provided energy efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness to the project.

Wahconah Technical High School, Dalton, Mass.

Wahconah Tech High School is currently under construction with a goal of opening to students by Fall 2021.  The school is using precast concrete modular construction to ensure an accelerated schedule is met and improve wait times for outside trades on the job site.
Taconic Vocational High School, Pittsfield. Mass.

Taconic Vocational High School includes large vocational shops and combines both academic and vocational secondary education in the same facility.  Precast was the right solution because the project had an emphasis on long-lasting materials, energy efficiency, and the need to construct the new facility near the existing school.
Cape Cod Regional Technical High School, Harwich, Mass.

Cape Cod Tech High School is also currently under construction and features academic classrooms and vocational shops. Precast was selected to help meet the accelerated schedule while students are not in session.