Precast can be made into essentially any shape needed for a project. This section addresses some of the more common shapes or components that do not necessarily fit into one of the primary categories. Designers should discuss a project with a precast concrete producer early in the design process.

Stadium Risers


Stadium risers support seating in stadiums, arenas, theaters, and other types of grandstands. Typically, they are made as single, double, or triple risers with heights cast to satisfy sitelines in the venue. Stadium/arena raker beams are discussed under Beams and Columns.



Use precast concrete stairs in any application where a stair tower or individual steps are required. These modules can provide fast erection and durable access in buildings or parking structures.

Column Covers


Column covers are used as a major focal point in a structure. These units may be broad or barely wider than the column itself and run vertically up a structure. They often conceal structural columns and may completely surround them at the ground level. The exterior three sides of the column cover can be finished in any way desired similar to an architectural precast concrete panel.