2022 Quality Summit Presentations

Placement and Consolidation of Conventional and High Flow Concrete

Speaker: Paul Ramsburg, FPCI, LPCI, L3, District Manager, Sika Corporation

This presentation is intended to train individuals with a basic understanding of plant operations on how to place and consolidate concrete. This presentation is specific to the needs of the precast/prestressed concrete industry. Various topics will be discussed, including the proper placement of concrete, the reasons for consolidating concrete, common consolidation challenges, the characteristics of different types of vibrators, and considerations when casting specific members.

Lifter System Safety

Speaker: David Jablonsky, PE, FPCI, Executive Vice President, ALP Supply

The presentation discusses the potential safety issues when using coil inserts, coil nuts, coil rods, and coil bolts from different manufacturers. Since there is no national standard for the manufacturing of these coil products, there is no guarantee that parts from different manufacturers will work together as intended and designed. The presentation will outline factors that should be considered in the selection and proper use of coil lifting hardware, inserts, and bolts, as well as the items that should be inspected, the attributes that should be reviewed, and the associated inspection methods.

Air Content of Plastic and Hardened Concrete

Speaker: Benjamin Cota, Precast Specialist, GCP Applied Technologies

Achieving and maintaining the desired air content in plastic and hardened concrete can often be a challenge. This comprehensive presentation will discuss the importance of air void structure in concrete, the factors that affect the air content and air void structure, how to ensure consistent and stable air content in the plastic concrete mixture and hardened concrete, and troubleshooting strategies for consistency in air. The presentation will also discuss typical hardened air content requirements/specifications and methods for designing a concrete mixture to meet those requirements.

PCI Quality Talks

Speaker: Paul Ramsburg, FPCI, LPCI, L3

Over the course of producing quality precast concrete members throughout the year, it is necessary to take a moment to reflect on the right ways of doing things. Taking time on a regular basis to consider some quality-control-related topics and production best practices will help continually improve the culture of quality at a production facility. This presentation will discuss the Quality Toolbox Talks that have been developed as a training resource for plants to use with their production teams, to improve the quality of their operations and products.

Round Table Discussion on Quality Issues

Speakers: Paul Ramsburg, David Jablonsky, Benjamin Cota

This session will include an open discussion of quality issues encountered at precast concrete production facilities. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the perspectives and advice of the panelists and other attendees to help address quality-related issues they have experienced at their production facilities.

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