UMass Student Big Beam Design 
The PCI Student Education Committee invites entries from students to participate in the Engineering Student Design (Big Beam) Competition every year. Each student team must work with a PCI Producer Member to build a precast, prestressed concrete beam. The UMass Studio team partnered with Unistress Corporation while utilizing Eriksson Beam Software for their design. 

The beam must be tested as a simply supported span of 20 feet. It may have any cross-sectional shape, but the top surface must be flat and horizontal along the entire span. The beams will be tested, and prizes awarded for the best performance in the stated areas. Students must discuss both the structural design and the concrete mixture proportions for the beam.

The students won a $750 team award for their Big Beam Design.

UMass Student Visit to Unistress Gallery
UMass Class Visit to Parking Garage Gallery
UMass Big Beam Team Presentations Gallery  
UMass Student Visit to United Concrete Products Gallery

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