UMass Big Beam Team Presentations

Big Beam Project – A significant component of the class evaluation was the design of beams in conformance with the PCI Big Beam Competition. Students formed 4-person teams and developed the design based on the 2022-23 rules. They presented their designs in front of a judging panel consisting of the course instructor and 3 partners in this PCI Foundation Studio: the PCI NE Regional Director, Unistress’ COO, and a precast concrete design engineer. The designs were evaluated by the judging panel to select two teams that will move forward with their designs for fabrication at Unistress and testing at UMass in spring 2023. The students won a $750 team award for their Big Beam Design.

UMass Class Visit to Parking Garage Gallery
UMass Unistress Plant Tour Gallery
UMASS Big Beam Design
UMass Student Visit to United Concrete Products Gallery

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