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Webinar Topics Include:

  • Resilience-Based Design
  • Structure Cost Savings
  • Scheduling & Logistics
  • Prefabrication Systems
  • Architectural Versatility
  • Precast Concrete Aesthetics
  • Building Form & Function
  • Sustainable Development
  • Precast Fabrication
  • And More

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Live and Pre-Recorded PCI-MA Webinar Schedule:

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Precast Floor and Roof Systems Webinar5/11/2023This is an introductory course designed to acquaint the design professional with the basic components of precast floor and roof systems. Design options and examples will be presented. The attendee will also see numerous examples of hollow-core planks, solid slabs and double tee systems that have been integrated into building systems.PFRSWEB11
Understand Embodied Carbon – Precast Net Zero Considerations3/16/2023Full Webinar Title: Understanding Embodied Carbon - Net Zero Considerations for Precast Concrete 1.0 AIA LU/HSW and 1.0 hr CEU - CA Net Zero ZNCDWEB230316
Thermal Mass, Energy Codes & Prestressed Concrete Solutions1/10/2023Mass walls in combination with insulation can save energy in buildings. This webinar describes the benefits of thermal mass (thermal inertia) and how these benefits are recognized in national energy codes. An overview of compliance paths of these energy codes is presented. The degradation of the R-value of concrete panels with metal thermal bridges that pass through the insulation is also described.WEB230110
PCI West Prestressed Concrete Bridge Design 3-Day Workshop11/1/2022Government agencies in California and Nevada have set aggressive goals to build and update bridge structures as part of their highway, port and rail infrastructure programs. PCI West Bridge Producers recognize that prestressed bridge elements are key design opportunities to deliver these infrastructure programs to meet accelerated schedules. PCI West offers this workshop/webinar to bridge design and construction professionals to increase knowledge of the use of prestressed bridge elements in design and construction of bridge projects.WEB221101
Webinar: From Concept to Concrete: Infrastructure Resiliency10/20/2022Much of what you hear at conferences involves planning strategies, legal issues, local/state policies surrounding resiliency with infrastructure, beach and coastal nourishment, recovery processes, mitigation strategies, success stories, and lessons learned, but rarely will you hear how approved concepts move from design to in-place structures. In this presentation, our presenters represent the manufacturers and contractors’ point of view, discussing industry products that go into every facet of today’s infrastructure and how precast, prestressed concrete is the product of choice when it comes to resilient infrastructure.WEB221020
Implementing Embodied Carbon Reduction Requirements8/11/2022Implementing embodied carbon reduction requirements: When, where, why, and how. Embodied-carbon requirements are being implemented in various ways and at different stages of the project design, from “Buy Clean” programs, to specification language, to owners and above-code programs that establish benchmarks and percentage improvement targets. Navigating these newer requirements can seem overwhelming. This webinar will focus on examples of each different embodied carbon implementation method, pros and cons and the value of each method, and understanding how architects can approach reductions at different project stages.WEB220811
Precast Concrete Parking Structures: Chicago O'Hare Airport6/30/2022This webinar will include discussion on why precast concrete is the premier building system for parking structures. Precast concrete is a high-performance material that integrates easily with other systems and inherently provides the versatility, efficiency, and resiliency needed to meet the multi-hazard requirements and long-term demands of high-performance structures. This webinar will include a case study on the Chicago O’Hare Airport’s newest parking structure / consolidated car rental facilities, “CONRACs”.WEB220623
Curved, Spliced Precast Concrete U-Beam Bridges5/12/2022This webinar will discuss the “state of the art” of curved and spliced precast concrete U-beam bridges. The presentation will introduce the U-Beam technology and detail the challenges associated with the implementation and delivery of these types of structures. Understanding the role of the designer and design criteria, as well as a review of critical elements and constraints will be explained in the presentation. Also discussed will be resources which are available to the designer by PCI and emerging topics in the precast concrete industry.WEB220512
Solutions: Community Storm Shelters with Code Updates4/14/2022Full webinar title: Precast Concrete Solutions: Community Storm Shelters with Code Updates. We will Introduce FEMA 361 Storm Shelters with updated code requirements. Present Precast Concrete as a material and a system as used in the design of FEMA 361 Storm Shelters. Practical applications of Precast Concrete FEMA 361 buildings will be presented. These will be used to demonstrate various examples of Precast Concrete products and systems resolving the spatial needs of the project while providing a safe and secure structure in a serious storm event.WEB220414
High Performance & Resilient Precast Educational Facilities3/10/2022The evolving construction industry, recent code changes, increasing sustainability requirements and challenging economy are just some of the factors increasing demand for safe, healthy, high performance educational facilities. Today’s schools are more than just buildings; they are interactive learning environments. They are gathering places. They are safe havens for the community. This webinar will discuss recommendations on how to design and build high performance, sustainable and resilient schools, with reduced life-cycle costs. The benefits of prefabrication and off-site construction will be identified in the context of precast/prestressed concrete architectural and structural building solutions. And case studies will highlight high performance attributes - including optimization of numerous versatile, efficient and resilient building applications.WEB220310
Design for Resilience & Sustainability with Precast Concrete2/24/2022This webinar will discuss considerations for the holistic design and construction of durable, long-lasting structures that are sustainable, safe and resilient. A building's primary goal is to protect the lives, lifestyles and livelihoods of its occupants. Precast concrete has numerous qualities that can help buildings perform efficiently and offer occupants and communities healthy, flexible and useful spaces that can be effectively utilized over many years. Attendees will have the chance to see and hear case studies of projects that used precast concrete for durability, resilience, and sustainability, and examine important qualities and attributes to consider when specifying the material.WEB220224
Webinar: Prefabricated Concrete Façade System Connections1/13/2022In a recent study by FMI, architects and owners ranked exterior walls as the most complex component of a building to work with; citing water intrusion, trade coordination, code compliance and cost as their primary concerns. Prefabricated concrete building façade systems can help ease the burden of building envelope design. Understanding how to connect these primary barrier systems to a building’s structure can give insights into the benefits of this building systems approach.WEB220113
Webinar: State of the Art Concepts for Precast Bridge Design11/10/2021This webinar will discuss recent advancements in how precast concrete is being used on modern bridge projects throughout the United States. Recent project experiences are featured to demonstrate how creative designs using precast, prestressed concrete have enhanced the success of numerous bridge projects. Design concepts will be discussed that that are currently available to Designers, Owners and Contractors to assist them in determining appropriate solutions for precast substructures and superstructures. Means and methods in fabrication and construction be discussed using actual project experiences. Design concepts that are being proposed for future projects will also be featured. The presentation will showcase the versatility and constructability that can be achieved by using precast, prestressed concrete elements in bridge construction which has resulted in:WEB211110
Webinar: Weathering the Storm with Precast Concrete10/14/2021This presentation aims to expand on commonly known aspects of hurricanes and the effect hurricanes have on coastal communities. Codes and building standards are covered along with the role precast concrete plays in establishing structures with superior durability and resiliency in the face of disastrous weather events. Attendees will be presented with valuable statistics and research findings regarding hurricane related topics along with detailed case studies.WEB211014
NEXT Beam: A Solution to Todays Aging Bridges8/19/2021The Northeast Extreme Tee (NEXT) beam was developed in 2008 by the PCI Northeast Bridge Technical Committee, which is made up of DOTs, engineers, and industry representatives. The NEXT beam offers significant advantages over typical stringer-beam or adjacent beam bridges by providing a fast construction option for variable-width bridges with spans up to 85 ft. The top flange of the beam can be designed as the deck or designed to support the weight of a cast-in-place concrete deck. This webinar will include the background, development and applications for the NEXT beam. Also included will be a several case studies. The Precasters preceptive will discuss fabrication process and challenges, in addition to overall lessons learned.WEB210819
Architectural Precast Concrete Best Practices7/22/2021Architectural Precast Concrete Best Practices: Specifying while Controlling Quality and Cost. This webinar will focus on the best ways control quality and costs through early planning, also addressing new covid related concerns related to jobsites. We'll introduce PCI's updated certification program. We will walk through best practices for designing with architectural precast concrete.WEB210722
Precast Case Studies in Institutional Buildings - RAMSA6/17/2021Alternative options to building enclosure are evaluated on every project. Often architectural precast is selected for its aesthetic versatility, our ability to collaborate with precast producers to find optimal and creative solutions, and due to accelerated construction benefits.   This webinar will review three different projects that illustrate how architectural precast concrete helped our firm achieve client project and program goals.WEB210617
Precast Concrete Storm Shelters-Design Considerations5/13/2021This webinar will focus on the process and consideration given to developing an effective precast concrete design for a Storm Shelter. Topics will include code considerations, loading, framing, and aesthetics. It will also share a Precast Concrete Producer’s perspective on the “do’s and don’ts” of reaching an economical and effective approach for this project type, while sharing examples of common and unique Storm Shelter projects.WEB210513
Designing with Architectural Precast Concrete4/20/2021Many architects, engineers, designers, and contractors have heard of precast concrete but still haven’t experienced it firsthand in projects. An often-overlooked building material, precast is steadily increasing in popularity, offering a wide range of benefits to design and construction professionals in versatility, efficiency, and resiliency in a variety of building applications. Topics such as architectural precast aesthetics, economy, detailing, and sustainability will be covered in this two-part webinar.WEB210420
Efficient & Low-Impact Rehabilitation Using Precast Slabs3/25/2021Webinar: Efficient and Low-Impact Rehabilitation Using Precast-Prestressed Concrete Replacement Slabs. Rapid construction, minimal impact to the public and low life cycle costs are quickly becoming common themes among Departments of Transportation across America. Precast Concrete Pavement replacement slabs have been successfully implemented in several states across the country and in fact, the technology has spread overseas to at least seven countries. Adding prestressing strand to the concrete slab increases the benefit this technology can provide to the designer. In this presentation, participants will be introduced to the uses and benefits of Precast Concrete Pavement replacement slabs with an emphasis on prestressing. Recent projects in Mobile, AL and Los Angeles, CA will be highlighted.WEB210325