PCI Chapter Events

Event CodeTitleDateconvert(varchar(8), vBoCsEvent.EndDate, 1)Description
COVIDWEB27COVID-19: Workplace Safety Non-CEU Webinar05/27/2005/27/20 COVIDWEB27
PCIMA00007WSP USA Lunch and Learn06/02/2006/02/20WSP USA Lunch and Learn - Artist’s Palette: The Aesthetic Versatility of Precast ConcretePCIMA00007
TESTWEB2GoToMeeting Testing06/02/2006/02/20 TESTWEB2
WEB200604Webinar: Moisture Mitigation in Building Assemblies06/04/2006/04/20The presentation describes moisture mitigation in building wall assemblies with an emphasis on precast concrete walls in northern U.S. climates. It describes indoor and outdoor sources of moisture and the basic fundamentals of water vapor condensation. The difference between air barriers and vapor retarders is described. Methods of keeping precast concrete walls dry are presented.WEB200604
WEB200618Webinar: Prefabricated Concrete Façade System Connections06/18/2006/18/20In a recent study by FMI, architects and owners ranked exterior walls as the most complex component of a building to work with; citing water intrusion, trade coordination, code compliance and cost as their primary concerns.  Prefabricated concrete building façade systems can help ease the burden of building envelope design.  Understanding how to connect these primary barrier systems to a building’s structure can give insights into the benefits of this building systems approach.WEB200618
PCIMA00008WSP USA Lunch and Learn07/21/2007/21/20WSP USA Lunch and Learn - Hollow-Core Floors and WallsPCIMA00008
PCIMA000052020 PCI Mid Atlantic Summer Membership Event08/05/2008/05/202020 PCI Mid Atlantic Summer Membership EventPCIMA00005
20CD2020 PCI Committee Days and Technical Conference09/23/2009/26/20 20CD
21CONV2021 PCI Convention at The Precast Show02/23/2102/27/21Featuring the National Bridge Conference21CONV
21CD2021 PCI Committee Days and Technical Conference09/22/2109/25/21 21CD
22CONV2022 PCI Convention at The Precast Show03/01/2203/05/22Featuring the National Bridge Conference22CONV