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Build your knowledge and support your career with free webinars on precast concrete and other construction industry topics. Whether live or on-demand, our hour-long webinars are presented by seasoned industry experts who dive deep into a variety of topics, from resilience-based design and cost-effective construction to sustainable architecture and accelerated business growth.

PCI webinars are an easy way to enhance your academic success or to support your career growth. To attend one of our upcoming webinars or view webinars in our collection of recorded sessions, register online using the links below.

Webinar Topics Include:

  • Resilience-Based Design
  • Structure Cost Savings
  • Scheduling & Logistics
  • Prefabrication Systems
  • Architectural Versatility
  • Precast Concrete Aesthetics
  • Building Form & Function
  • Sustainable Development
  • Precast Fabrication
  • And More

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Each webinar will be registered for one hour of continuing education credit. Continuing-education credits include LUs/PDHs. Credit for attending a webinar may only be issued once per attendee/per course. To receive credit, you must attend the full webinar and provide complete registration information.

  • PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter Live Webinars:New live webinars are added regularly to the list below each month. To receive credit for these Chapter webinars, you must provide complete registration information and attend the full live session. Each webinar is equivalent to one hour of continuing education credit. Credits, including LUs and PDHs, are issued once per attendee, per webinar.
    Live Chapter Webinars
  • PCI National Learning Management System Webinars & Courses:As part of an ongoing effort to streamline online education, PCI National offers a learning management system dedicated specifically to precast and prestressed concrete. All courses and webinars in this system satisfy the continuing education requirements of engineers in all fifty states, and as an official AIA provider, PCI Mid-Atlantic also offers approved learning units to architects. Credits, including LUs and PDHs, are issued once per attendee, per course or webinar.
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Keep up with your trade and your peers. Get valuable tips, tools, and takeaways to support your business through our library of non-credited pre-recorded webinars. Couldn’t attend the live Chapter webinars? Choose the sessions that best fit your schedule.

Live and Pre-Recorded PCI-MA Webinar Schedule:

TitleBegin DateDescription
Webinar: High Performance Building Enclosure Systems11/5/2020A structure’s envelope has considerable impact on its overall performance, as highlighted by recent code changes. The envelope not only serves as a barrier between the outside environment and conditioned space, but also as a part of the aesthetic expression for the structure. It must also serve as a protective shield against environmental forces. High-performance building envelopes can help reduce the overall energy consumption of a structure throughout the structure’s life, and maintain and protect its interior environment and occupants.WEB201105
Accelerated Bridge Construction Using Precast Concrete10/22/2020This webinar will discuss precast resources that can used for accelerated bridge construction projects. The overview will assist designers in determining the appropriate solutions for precast substructures and superstructures in design and construction. Several case studies will showcase the versatility and aesthetic enhancements of precast used in ABC applications.WEB201022
Webinar: Precast Hollow Core Floors and Walls10/8/2020This course will instruct participants about hollow-core products, how they are made, handled and how to design and build utilizing hollow-core floors and walls. Participants will also learn about the inherent fire resistance of hollow core, a major life-safety consideration, as well as the inherent low sound transmission of hollow core floors which increases occupant comfort. After attending this program, participants will be able to: Identify the different precast, prestressed hollow core concrete systems, explain the benefits of using precast, prestressed hollow core concrete within building systems and identify innovative ways to use hollow core holistically within the HVAC system.WEB201008
Webinar: Sustainable Design Using Precast Concrete9/15/2020Owners and occupants increasingly expect their buildings to operate at a high level over a long life cycle while also being conscious of their impact on the environment. This course will discuss considerations for the holistic design and construction of sustainable structures that perform efficiently and offer occupants and communities safe, healthy and useful spaces that can be effectively utilized over many years. We’ll examine LCA data and discuss ways precast, prestressed concrete can contribute to sustainable, durable, efficient and resilient buildings.WEB200915
Parking Structures: Cost Considerations8/13/2020Discussion on the cost considerations that go into using precast concrete in terms of designing, constructing, and maintaining parking garages. The webinar will include descriptions and discussion of the reasons to utilize precast concrete systems, products, and manufacturers in providing parking structures to owners, from initial design through project delivery. Parking structure maintenance will be discussed regarding material choices, proper maintenance, and repairs.WEB200813
How Precast Builds: Architectural Versatility7/30/2020This webinar will provide an understanding of aesthetics available through the use of architectural precast concrete, including its composition, shapes and finish options. Through the use of case studies, attendees will obtain a deeper understanding of precast concrete’s unlimited options when paired with modeling software. Connections will also be discussed, giving attendees a basic understanding of how precast concrete systems connect to the structure.WEB200730
Webinar: Total Precast Concrete7/16/2020This one-hour program is intended for designers with some precast concrete experience and/or knowledge. Basic concepts of pre-stressing, components, and application towards a complete, total-precast building solution will be discussed. Typical design challenges and the unique project delivery process of total precast will be presented, and the unique ability of total precast to meet those requirements described.WEB200716
Precast 101 Plus: High Performance Precast Concrete Design7/9/2020The evolving construction industry, recent code changes, challenging economy, natural disasters, and sustainable development requirements are just some of the factors increasing demand for high performance and resilient building design. This webinar will provide an overview of precast and prestressed concrete design and fabrication, in the context of high-performance structures. Life-cycle cost and accelerated schedule benefits of prefabrication, modular and off-site construction will be identified. And case studies will highlight architectural and structural precast/prestressed concrete building systems and their high-performance attributes - including optimization of versatile, efficient and resilient precast concrete design solutions.WEB200709
Webinar: Prefabricated Concrete Façade System Connections6/18/2020In a recent study by FMI, architects and owners ranked exterior walls as the most complex component of a building to work with; citing water intrusion, trade coordination, code compliance and cost as their primary concerns.  Prefabricated concrete building façade systems can help ease the burden of building envelope design.  Understanding how to connect these primary barrier systems to a building’s structure can give insights into the benefits of this building systems approach.WEB200618
Webinar: Moisture Mitigation in Building Assemblies6/4/2020The presentation describes moisture mitigation in building wall assemblies with an emphasis on precast concrete walls in northern U.S. climates. It describes indoor and outdoor sources of moisture and the basic fundamentals of water vapor condensation. The difference between air barriers and vapor retarders is described. Methods of keeping precast concrete walls dry are presented.WEB200604
Webinar: Precast Concrete Storm Shelters5/21/2020We will introduce the basic requirements of a FEMA 361 Storm Shelter.  Information will also be discussed looking at the unique problem that tornadic and cyclonic weather systems pose for structures. Precast concrete, as a material and as a system, will be presented including particular applications of precast concrete systems used to resolve spatial needs while meeting the requirements for FEMA Storm Shelters. Practical applications of precast concrete FEMA 361 buildings will be presented.WEB200521
The Role of Precast Concrete in Resilience-Based Design5/7/2020This course will provide an introduction to resilience-based design, as it is distinguished from and compliments traditional green design. Participants will learn how to measure the social and economic benefits of resilience and communicate to clients the importance of selecting resilient structural systems and materials. The webinar will focus on particular resilient properties of precast concrete systems and highlight case studies where precast concrete systems have achieved resilience ratings through the US Resiliency Council Building Rating System. This course is intended for architects, engineers, builders, material suppliers and decision-makers within the building community.WEB200507
High Performance & Resilient Precast Educational Facilities4/23/2020The evolving construction industry, recent code changes, increasing sustainability requirements and challenging economy are just some of the factors increasing demand for safe, healthy, high performance educational facilities. Today’s schools are more than just buildings; they are interactive learning environments. They are gathering places. They are safe havens for the community. This webinar will discuss recommendations on how to design and build high performance, sustainable and resilient schools, with reduced life-cycle costs. The benefits of prefabrication and off-site construction will be identified in the context of precast/prestressed concrete architectural and structural building solutions. And case studies will highlight high performance attributes -  including optimization of numerous versatile, efficient and resilient building applications.WEB200423
Thermal Mass, Energy Codes, and Precast Concrete Webinar4/9/2020Recorded Webinar  - Thermal Mass, Energy Codes, and Precast Concrete WebinarPCIMA00004
Precast Concrete Parking Structures Webinar3/26/2020Recorded Webinar - Precast Concrete Parking Structures WebinarWEB200326
Hollow-Core and How it is Made Webinar12/11/2019Precast / Prestressed Hollow-Core Concrete and How it is Made WebinarPCIMA00003