The structural versatility, resiliency, accelerated construction of precast concrete make it the ideal construction material for bridges and other transportation structures. Bridge designers can take advantage of many of precast concrete’s shapes components, whether working on short- or long-span structures.

Precast concrete’s resilient properties are at the forefront when a bridge spans saltwater channels and for those erected on the nation’s coasts which are often battered by a storm’s high winds.

Precast concrete pavements are becoming increasingly popular as more people realize their benefits, including quality, ease of use, and speed of construction. Precast concrete also is ideal for sound and sound barriers adjacent to freeways.

Marc Basnight Bridge

Dare County, NC

Samuel De Champlain Bridge

Montreal, QC

Villanova University Pedestrian Bridge

Wayne, PA

Wekiva Parkway #204 Systems Interchange

Orange County, FL

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