Maintenance for Precast Concrete Parking Structures FREE PDF

Maintenance Manual for Precast Concrete Parking Structures, 2nd Edition (MNL-136-19) Free PDF
This manual has been updated and is intended for the owners, operators, architects, and engineers of precast concrete parking structures in order to assist them in extending their structure's service life. The recommendations, guidelines, and procedures offered in this manual will serve as a valuable resource for maintaining existing structures and designing new ones.        


MNL 129-15 (3rd Edition) - Precast Prestressed Concrete Parking Structures Free PDF  

Decades of research have proven that precast, prestressed concrete is a cost effective, durable solution for parking structures. Over 140 pages of the latest concepts in design and construction including 16 pages of full color photography, and many details and design examples. The most comprehensive publication of its kind.


MNL 127 - PCI Design Handbook, 8th Edition 


Parking Lighting Study

This report describes the configuration of two parking structures, the lighting configuration, the design methodology and the results of the analysis.

Parking Joint Study

Guidelines and recommendations concerning design, installation, and maintenance of sealant joints in precast concrete parking structures.

Parking Snow Removal Guide