Bridge Guideline: January 2018

Camber and Profile Management in Adjacent Beams (1.4 MB PDF File)

These guidelines cover the design, detailing, and construction of precast beam elements that do not include a haunch over the top of the beam to accommodate camber and profile. This includes beams such as NEXT D, F, and E beams, Deck Bulb Tee Beams, Adjacent Box Beams, Deck Beams, and Slabs.

Bridge Guideline: May 1998

Prestressed Concrete Girder Continuity Connection (380.1kb PDF File)

Guidelines for simple span members made continuous in Multi-span bridges. This specification and its sample details shall be used as a guide when designing for continuity. The PCI New England Technical committee has recommended that strand extensions be used to make the positive moment connection in beams. If a State Standard exists it will take precedence over these guidelines & details.