Discover the History of the PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter

The PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) was formed in 1978 to promote the accelerated growth and increased marketability and profitability of businesses in the precast concrete industry throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our chapter is committed to serving companies in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. All of our efforts are focused on supporting precast professionals, generating greater awareness for precast, and improving the communication between our industry and the design community to foster beneficial working relationships for all.

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Dawn Decker, Executive Director


The PCI Mid-Atlantic Chapter is a trusted regional trade association, top business partner, and leading voice for the precast, prestressed concrete industry that promotes the growth, profitability, and positive perception of the Mid-Atlantic market. By building awareness of precast benefits and use, supporting member success, and educating professionals in construction, design, and academia, we aim to make precast, prestressed concrete building and transportation products an early structural and enclosure choice for new projects.

Your Partner in Precast for Supported Growth Opportunities

Engaging with PCI Mid-Atlantic and our region’s member community provides endless opportunities to grow your business. It’s our job to spread awareness for the precast, prestressed concrete industry and the wide range of products our members manufacture and install. That’s why the PCI-MA board is well-rounded, made up of business leaders from precasters both large and small who are here to help members with marketing efforts, administrative assistance, and any other initiatives that require a little extra support.

We’re dedicated to making your life easier, moving some of the everyday stress, coordination, and risk you face as a business owner off your shoulders and onto our own. When you take advantage of our resources and connections, you’re collaborating with a team of trusted industry professionals who have seen it all. Feel confident that no matter where you are in the region, you can pick up the phone and speak to someone with the experience to help you succeed.

How We Support Our Members

  • Marketing, administrative, and general business support
  • Connections for projects, research, and talent opportunities
  • Valuable resources, webinars, and networking events
  • Access to expertise and the PCI National Body of Knowledge

Work with Trusted High-Performing Precasters

Meet your project needs in quality, consistency, costs, and time to completion by working with experts certified in the manufacturing and installation of precast, prestressed concrete. PCI-MA members offer high-quality materials that are made in America, held to higher standards, and produced in plants—not on job sites—to introduce new efficiencies and mitigate risks for construction managers and other site stakeholders.

Our precasters ensure all components adhere to exact guidelines for product testing and performance criteria, resulting in made-to-order products designed to spec by engineers you can trust. As specialists in precast, PCI-MA members have the knowledge and experience to collaborate with construction and design professionals and contribute to successful project outcomes.

What Our Membership Looks Like

  • Nearly thirty prestressed, precast producer member firms in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • More than fifty associate member companies producing precast-related products
  • PCI Plant Certified producer members following professional production methods
  • Experienced concrete industry professionals familiar with current industry standards

Learn About the Benefits of Precast Concrete

Part of PCI Mid-Atlantic’s mission is spreading awareness for precast, prestressed concrete in the form of education and outreach. We offer many educational opportunities for professionals in construction and design to learn how and why precast can benefit their work. We also make that information available to higher education professors and their students in construction, engineering, and architecture programs. See how our organization serves each of these audiences by encouraging the exploration of precast.

Explore Precast in Construction

  • Accelerate project timelines faster than other materials using precast concrete
  • Realize safer, less disruptive job sites with no lay down area requirements
  • Achieve just-in-time delivery with off-site prefabrication techniques
  • Exceed project owner expectations and offer them long-term savings

Explore Precast in Design

Do more in design with precast, prestressed concrete to produce work you’re truly proud of. Discover what precast brings to the table for designers, architects, and engineers.

  • Better blend form and function for building, bridge, and infrastructure projects
  • Protect your design intent and control quality with use of design assist delivery method
  • Obtain greater creative flexibility and versatility in designing innovative buildings
  • Make custom projects with colors, textures, finishes, and endless options

Explore Precast in Academia

Prepare your students for real-world decision-making by studying precast, partnering with PCI, and creating hands-on learning experiences for your students.

  • Share information about precast concrete, an overlooked material, in your curriculum
  • Offer students insight on best practices and trends in processes, technology, and tools
  • Help students make better decisions for their careers, colleagues, and communities
  • Create opportunities for experiential learning with lectures, plant visits, and more