A four-year Precast Design Studio at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design. 

The Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania is a comprehensive and rigorous program, preparing graduates for the full range of activities in the profession. An intensive sequence in Design Studios constitutes the focus of the program.

The application of precast concrete, delivered in lecture, precedent, and applied design activities fits within broader architecture curricula goals and gives faculty the opportunity to refine existing courses. Lectures in construction and technology case-studies, delivered in the first two years study will be augmented, while technical seminars and design studios offered in the third and final year will be reimagined to give students more immediate opportunities to work with the material.

The PCI Foundation grant:

  • Impacts 80 graduate students on an annual basis, 30 of those students have the ability to work directly with the material and our industry partner. 
  • Creates new course content including graduate lectures, seminars and design studios. 
  • An annual PCI Symposium is proposed to bring faculty from top ranked architecture schools to share their experiences with curriculum, industry partnership success, and student accomplishments.
"The Matter, Making, and Testing Seminar has truly been one of the most informative and instructive courses I have taken throughout my collegiate education. While all the course I have taken while at the University of Pennsylvania have been informative and useful, this precast seminar went above and beyond, bringing real-life design collaboration and fabrication skills to the table." – Lisa Kay Knust, UPenn M.ARCH candidate 2022

Principal Investigator 

Richard Garber, AIA
Department of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania
212 Meyerson Hall, 210 S. 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6311

PCI Mid-Atlantic Partner

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This Studio, led by Richard Garber, includes Lectures on the History and Technology of Precast Concrete, Introduction of Novel Precast Precedents, and Design Collaboration, Development of Digital Content and Physical Mock-ups

Read more about this university and industry partnership: Ascent Fall 2022, “Industry and Academia Unite”