WSP USA Lunch and Learn

WSP USA Lunch and Learn - Hollow-Core Floors and Walls

Program Number Authorized: LIVE16HLC100

This course instructs participants about hollow-core products and how to design and build utilizing hollow-core floors and walls. Participants also learn about the inherent fire resistance of hollow-core, a major life-safety consideration. After this program, participants will be able to: Identify the different precast, prestressed hollow-core concrete systems Explain the benefits of using precast, prestressed hollow-core concrete Discuss the benefits of using hollow-core concrete with owners and other designers.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand fabrication techniques, erection procedures and transportation considerations for precast Hollowcore plank and wall panels.
  2. Understand design and detail for precast products including connections and economical layout considerations.
  3. Understand High Performance Building principles using precast concrete systems.
  4. Understand how to integrate the precast structural system with other building systems.

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