These guide specifications for specifying precast, prestressed concrete are intended to be used as a basis for the development of an office master specification or in the preparation of specifications for a particular project. In either case, guide specifications must be edited to fit the conditions of use. Particular attention should be given to the deletion of inapplicable provisions or inclusion of appropriate requirements. Coordinate the specification with the information shown on the contract drawings to avoid duplication or conflicts.

Architectural Precast

These documents provide a basis for specifying in-plant fabrication, including product design not shown on contract documents, and field erection of architectural precast concrete.

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Structural Precast

This document is intended to be used for the specification of structural precast concrete. 

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Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

This document is intended to be used for the specification of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). 

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Specification for Clay Thin Brick (Clay Product or Concrete) or Terra Cotta Embedded in Precast Concrete

Thin clay brick or concrete brick or terra cotta units shall conform to one of the following:

The objective of these specifications is to outline criteria for thin brick and terra cotta precast producers to meet when supplying materials to precast concrete manufacturers and designers. The intent is to establish acceptable dimensional tolerances and consistent testing standards for thin brick and terra cotta embedded in precast concrete systems. The thin brick or terra cotta producers must confirm through independent test results that their brick or terra cotta products comply with the PCI Standard. The PCI Standard should appear in all specifications as the approved industry standard. Brick and terra cotta precast producers have agreed to promote the compliance of their thin brick and terra cotta with these standards. 

The parameters were established based on the successful use of embedded thin brick and terra cotta in precast concrete projects.  The parameters set forth for use in the specifications are attainable thin brick and terra cotta properties that have been derived with input from thin brick or terra cotta precast producers, engineers, and architects, as well as consideration of existing test results. 

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