Title: Full-scale flexural testing of slabs made of modular structural concrete insulated panels
Date Published: March - April 2022
Volume: 67
Issue: 2
Page Numbers: 55 - 76
Authors: Mahesh Acharya, Karma Gurung, and Mustafa Mashal

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Structural concrete insulated panels (SCIPs) are an alternative construction technology to traditional wood framing and masonry units for use in residential homes and low-rise structures. SCIPs can be used to erect structurally sound buildings that are economi­cal, energy efficient, and durable while incorporating sandwich technology. This study presents a novel type of SCIP that can be fabricated using off-the-shelf components. A precasting technology for such modular SCIPs is proposed. Full-scale experimental testing of one-way SCIP slabs with three different span lengths (short, medium, and long) was carried out to investigate flexural behavior, strength, ductility, and failure mechanisms. Testing showed good performance of modular SCIPs under gravity loads. Appropriate splicing details for longer-span SCIPs are developed and tested. Results show that the SCIPs tested in this research can provide a moment capacity equal to 66% of the capacity of a fully composite section.