Proj Overview

The new Union Bank & Trust office is a five-story precast and steel framed structure that boasts approximately 138,700 sf of Class A office space and 14,450 sf of climate controlled, underground parking garage. Precast concrete was selected for construction of the underground parking garage and storage areas, including perimeter foundation walls and floor plate for the multi-lane covered drivethru.

The insulated precast concrete wall panels provided a continuous perimeter of insulation for the climate-controlled underground parking and storage spaces. Precast concrete was also selected for construction of the four stair and elevator towers, serving as the primary shear walls for the multi-story structure. Three of the towers were 110’ tall and the fourth was 63’ tall. All precast walls were form-finish, with above grade precast at the building exterior receiving a combination of field installed perforated stainless-steel panels and a black granite façade.

The selection of a precast floor system afforded the benefits of inherent fire-resistance as well as system mass, reducing and even eliminating the need for additional fire-proofing and acoustical sound isolation measures. Schedule was the driving factor for utilization of precast foundation walls as early assessments suggested a six-week schedule duration.

The advantages of using precast concrete instead of cast-in-place concrete were further accentuated when it was determined that the construction schedule would fall over the brutal winter months. While winter weather shuts down some parts of the construction industry, precast concrete elements are manufactured and installed year-round in all kinds of weather – even in the harshest of climates.


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Project Team


Clark & Enersen




Sampson Construction


Union Bank & Trust


Concrete Industries, Inc.

Key Project Attributes

  • Climate controlled 14,450 SF underground parking garage
  • (3) 110-ft tall precast surround stair and elevator towers, (1) 63-ft tall
  • 680 LF of insulted precast, perimeter foundation walls

Project/Precast Scope

  • Approx. 485 VF of columns
  • Approx. 230 LF of rectangular and inverted tee beams
  • Approx. 5,100 SF of 29” deep double tees
  • Approx. 17,300 SF of 12” and 16” hollowcore
  • Approx. 39,200 SF of insulated and solid wall panels