Just what is an “ITPO”? It’s nothing more than a good idea that has paid off for you in your plant or could pay off if implemented. It can be a production technique that saves time, is safer or is less expensive than something you were doing. It could be a tool you made that makes the job easier or safer. Have you found an easy way to save materials, form block outs, set forms, clean forms or provide a uniform surface finish? We are particularly looking for ideas on safety and recycling plant waste – both water and solids. You may have built a machine that saves time. Whatever the idea is...don't be shy….share it!!!!! 

Last year’s winner developed a removeable safety rail system as fall protection on their forms.  Second place went to a novel and simple way to avoid fabric tie-down strap marks on wall panels during transportation to the project site.  Whatever the idea is, share it!


Complete this formWe want every producer attendee to submit at least one idea. There isn't a limit so feel free to submit multiple ideas.


Everyone! We need your ideas to make this feature of the program a success. The idea could be a major item or a very small adjustment. However large or small, your idea could be the one that benefits the precast industry as a whole.


Contact Jon Grafton at 312-428-4947 or thetour@pci.org

Cash Prizes

1st place: $500; 2nd place: $300; 3rd place: $200; 4th place: $100

But, how do I win the cash?

To be eligible for the ITPO cash prizes, submit your ideas in writing to PCI by May 1, 2019. The top four submissions will be presented at The Tour Thursday May 16, 2019. All participants attending will be the final judges in a secret ballot. To enter, just fill out the bottom of the form on the reverse side. Remember -- we want every producer attendee to submit at least one idea. To be eligible for ITPO cash awards, you must attend and present the idea in the workshop. (For your presentation, you may use a flipchart, thumb drive or drawing/photograph -- just let us know)

Submission Deadline

The deadline is May 1, 2019. Submit presentations for consideration, either in video, sketch, or PowerPoint to thetour@pci.org.