Proj Overview
Named for the Great Northern Railway train depot which once stood on the site, The Depot on Main has three-stories of apartments over a precast concrete underground parking structure. The project features include a community room with outdoor deck, fitness room, playground, outdoor grills, and a 26,035 square foot climate-controlled, underground parking garage.

This project’s foundation and underground parking garage were designed using precast concrete columns, prestressed beams, hollow core floor plank and architectural precast concrete formliner wall panels. The ashlar stone formliner pattern used on the 68 wall panels for this project has become a staple in the designs used by this project team for many other multi-family housing projects.  

Scheduled for construction during a harsh Minnesota winter, the use of precast concrete on this project enabled construction to continually progress in spite of the cold.


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Project Team


Cole Group Architects


Herzog Engineering, LLC


Miller Architects & Builders


Molin Concrete Products Company

PCI Certified Erector: 

Molin Concrete Products Company

Key Project Attributes

  • Precast concrete provided a low maintenance option
  • Precast concrete’s speed of construction during winter weather was a huge benefit
  • Precast concrete allows for low sound transmission between below grade parking and housing
  • Precast concrete establishes fire separation between below grade parking and housing

Project/Precast Scope

  • Precast Columns - 33 pcs (342 LF)
  • Prestressed Beams – 31 pcs (759 LF)
  • Hollow Core Plank (8” and 12” thick) – 24,135 SF
  • Solid Slabs – 690 SF
  • Architectural Wall Panels – 14,225 SF (68 pcs)