Bridge Guideline: April 2011

Full Depth Deck Panels Guidelines For Accelerated Bridge Deck Replacement Or Construction (5.1mb PDF File)

Design Guidelines for the use of Full Depth Precast Deck Slabs used for new construction or for replacement of existing decks on bridges. This guideline has been reviewed and approved by the New England Technical committee. Several projects have already used these details and specification. If a State Standard exists it will take precedence.
Bridge Guideline: February 2017

Precast Deck Panel Guidelines, 2nd Edtion (905.55kb PDF File)

Guidelines and details for Precast Prestressed Concrete Deck Panels or Stay-in-Place (SIP) decking used as a permanent form spanning between girders and designed to act composite with the remaining cast-in-place deck. If a State Standard exists it will take precedence over these guidelines & details.
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