PCINE provides a variety of resources for Universities and Colleges. The resources will assist faculty members in the development of course material for a better hands-on student experience. PCI’s body of knowledge in precast/prestressed concrete design offers a broader educational experience for engineering and architecture students. The list below describes some of the educational programs in place:

Schools of Engineering

  • Prestressed in a Box – 9 hours of teaching material. Prestress in a box is a collection of resources intended for faculty member that enables them to quickly develop a class in prestressed concrete design. Contact PCINE for more information.
  • PCI Free Design Resources
  • Big Beam Competition a popular engineering student competition that requires students to design, build, and test a prestressed concrete beam in coordination with a faculty member and a prestressed concrete producer.
  • Tours at local precast manufacturing plants
  • Lecture on precast prestressed concrete for students. The lecture is usually offered towards the end of a semester as an introduction to prestressed concrete in a reinforced concrete class. It can also be given as an introduction to the graduate class in prestressed concrete design at the start of a semester. Length: 1.0 - 1.5 Hours
    Structural Precast Topics:
    • Basics of Prestressed Concrete Design
    • Fabrication Techniques
    • Installation Techniques
    • Variety of Building and Bridge Applications
  • Request a school lecture
  • Library of Project Profiles

Schools of Architecture

Schools Offering Construction Management

Resources for Students