PCI Midwest Podcast 6-14-18  Click here to listen

Topic:  Stone Clad Precast Panels
Featured Speakers:  Robb Walrath (Gage Brothers), Chris Wedholm (Vetter Stone Company) and Mike Johnsrud (PCI Midwest)

PCI Midwest Podcast 3-14-18 - Click here to listen

Topic:  Minnesota Senate Building
Featured Speakers: 
Mike Johnsrud (PCI Midwest), Joe Bunkers (Gage Brothers), Stephen Berg (BWBR) and Dan Hottinger (BWBR) 

PCI Midwest Podcast 9-22-17 - Click here to listen

Topic:  Precast in School & University Projects
Featured Speakers:  Mike JohnsrudEric KurtzSteve Jastram


PCI Midwest Podcast 6-16-17 - Click here to listen

Topic:  The Millwright Building
Featured Speakers:  Mike JohnsrudRobb WalrathMike RyanAyman Arafa 

PCI Midwest Podcast 5-12-17 - Click here to listen

Topic:  Winter Construction - The Benefits of Precast during Winter Months
Featured Speakers:  Mike JohnsrudGregg JacobsonBen AhnemanMyles Anderson 

PCI Midwest Podcast 5-11-17 - Click here to listen
   Augsburg College Center for Science, Business, and Religion
Featured Speakers:  Mike JohnsrudGary PooleyMichael KochJake Turgeon

PCI Midwest Podcast 5-9-17 - Click here to listen
Featured Speakers:  Mike JohnsrudShawn WentworthJeff SmithGary Schuberth

PCI Midwest Podcast 3-30-17 - Click here to listen
Topic:   Sioux Falls Sports Authority
Featured Speakers:  Mike JohnsrudTom KelleyBryan Miller

PCI Midwest Podcast 2-22-17 - Click here to listen
Topic:   South Dakota State Studio
Featured Speakers:  Mike JohnsrudTom KelleyBrian Rex

PCI Midwest Podcast 1-20-17 - Click here to listen

Topic:   MN State Mankato Studio
Featured Speakers:  Mike JohnsrudGregg JacobsonMohamed DiabFarhad RezaChase RadueAlex Fiebiger