Please refer to PCI Policy Statement, Section 20.13, Promotion of Certification and Logo Usage.

The PCI Certification Logo is a graphic representation of the PCI brand. When you display the logo, your company is associated with what the PCI brand represents:

  • Technical excellence
  • Integrity
  • Longevity

Below are guidelines on where and how to display the logo.

Terms of PCI Logo Usage
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PCI Certification Logos Policy and Use

The use of the PCI certification logos is carefully controlled. Each PCI Certified Plant is clearly instructed and monitored regarding PCI logo usage and display.

PCI certification logos cannot be used on a product, packaging including laboratory test, calibration or inspection report, or in a way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity. The PCI certification logos allow precast/prestressed concrete manufacturing plants certified by PCI to demonstrate to the market that they have been certified. Authorization to use the PCI certification logos is granted to precast/prestressed concrete manufacturing plants which have positively completed and continue to operate in compliance to the PCI Plant Certification Program process.

The PCI Certified Plant is informed that the mark of accreditation body is to be used only in relation to the scope sectors for which the management systems certification scheme of PCI is accredited, and use of the logo is to refer exclusively to the services or management aspects subject to certification by PCI and to which the certificates of compliance issued by PCI refer.

PCI maintains the sole ownership of all certificates it provides. To help protect against the risks of counterfeiting any interested party may contact PCI to verify the validity of a certificate.

Auditors are responsible for checking on the usage of the certification ad PCI logo during surveillance and renewal audits.

PCI Requirements

PCI will provide the following services for each certified plant:

  • Provide the certified plant with an official certificate expiring at the end of the Term attesting to the status of the plant as a PCI Certified Plant.
  • Confirm the status of the plant as a PCI Certified Plant to any persons or organizations contacting PCI to request such information.
  • Authorize the certified plant to use specific PCI trademarks to officially signify the PCI-Certified status of the plant.
  • Not permit its marks to be applied to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports, as such reports are deemed to be products in this context.
  • Exercise proper control of ownership and shall take action to deal with incorrect references to certification status or misleading use of certification documents, marks or audit reports. 
    • Such action could include requests for correction and corrective action, suspension, withdrawal of certification, publication of the transgression and, if necessary, legal action.
      • PCI document titled, “Action Regarding Withdrawn Certificates”, includes details about common causes for withdrawn certificates, contractual causes for withdrawn certificates, and PCI Logo Usage requirements; this document can be found here

PCI Plant Certification Instructions

Please refer to the document, available here, for PCI Plant Certification Instructions.

Terms of PCI Logo Usage, and Sanctions

Please refer to the document, available here, for Terms of PCI Logo Usage, and Sanctions.

PCI Member and Certification Logos

To obtain PCI Certified Plant and Member logos, please click here