Welcome to the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute of Illinois and Wisconsin's Continuing Education Program! We offer a variety of educational opportunities for professionals in the precast and prestressed concrete industry, including both in-person and virtual courses.  Our CEU series is a popular option for professionals looking to expand their knowledge during their lunch break. 

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PCI Bridge Design - 1 PDH

This course on design explores the constraints related to type, size, and method selection. Materials control strength and durability characteristics. The industries’ manufacturing capabilities are important conditions on design assumptions. Plant handling and transportation constraints need to be considered in design. This course presents the important initial information required before beginning design, enabling designers to take advantage of the flexibility and economy of precast, prestressed concrete products while avoiding pitfalls that could make solutions less cost effective.

State of the Art Precast/Prestressed Transportation Uses - 1 PDH

The course will cover the latest advancements in precast and prestressed concrete technology, including design, production, and installation techniques.

The course will begin with an overview of the fundamentals of precast and prestressed concrete, including the benefits of using these materials in transportation projects. You will learn about the different types of precast and prestressed concrete products used in transportation.  The course will also cover the latest research on precast and prestressed concrete materials, including new concrete mixes and reinforcement materials.  In addition to the technical aspects of precast and prestressed concrete transportation uses, the course will also cover the business and economic aspects of these projects. Learn about the cost-effectiveness of using precast and prestressed concrete materials in transportation projects, as well as the benefits of using these materials for accelerated bridge construction (ABC).

Precast Plant Tour - 1, 2, 3, or 4 LU/HSW/PDH

This continuing education program offers a unique opportunity to tour a total precast plant and gain hands-on experience with precast concrete production. Participants will explore the production process, from design and engineering to casting, curing, and finishing. During the tour, participants will learn about the benefits of premanufacturing in precast concrete production and witness firsthand how precast concrete components are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with industry experts who will share their knowledge and insights on precast concrete production. The plant tour will showcase the latest techniques and technologies for optimizing efficiency, quality, and safety in precast concrete manufacturing facilities. Participants will gain an understanding of the sustainability benefits of precast concrete production, including the reduction of waste and energy consumption. By the end of the tour, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the precast concrete production process and how premanufacturing in precast concrete production can improve efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Participants will leave with a greater appreciation for the benefits of precast concrete and how it is used in infrastructure and construction projects.


Attendees will observe firsthand how designs and engineering details are executed in the precast manufacturing process. They will also observe the entire precast and prestressed manufacturing process from engineering and connections, forms set-up, casting and finishing. Attendees will gain a better understanding of precast and prestressed capabilities and related quality issues. Attendees will learn how precast fits within the entire building system and how to specify precast concrete accurately and safely. 

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