Contract Clauses Webinar

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Having the most common, pre-vetted language, commentary and strategies from the last five or six decades related specifically to precast/prestressed subcontracts in a single source is amazing. While not a how-to guide, or technical manual like other PCI publications, PCI Contract Clauses is a printed body of knowledge designed to be thumbed thru easily to help level the playing field when negotiating agreements. Negotiating a subcontract is not only possible but should be a best practice.


With analysis from both a long-time precast veteran and Florida-board certified construction lawyer, the presentation will cover each section in the guide to hopefully help producers overcome intimidation of subcontracts and working through clauses that are challenging to understand, to create your own amendment, and to help you use the PCI Contract Clauses guide as a teaching tool.


In addition to contract administrators, other who should attend are up and coming team members that need to begin learning subcontracts, team members not primarily tasked with contract management that you’d like to see expand their basic subcontract knowledge, and newly certified producers and erectors exploring the vast array of PCI resources.


  • Tony D. Lehman, Hudson Lambert Parrott Walker, LLC
  • Lenny Salvo, Coreslab Structures (Orlando) Inc.

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4/14/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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