Proj Overview


Thanks to the generous donation of a parcel of land by a local patron of the arts, South Carolina Children’s Theatre (SCCT) now has a permanent home in Greenville, S.C. The result unites all aspects of SCCT that had been scattered across different locations.

In the process of bringing the SCCT complex to life, the project had to meet a myriad set of requirements and financial constraints. In addition to meeting the requirements of structural, fire, and life safety codes; increased cooling capacity for crowds; as well as lighting and acoustics, the project team wanted to create a focal point for the community.

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With a limited budget, the nonprofit theatre group needed a durable and versatile material that could also meet stringent acoustic and insulative demands. Precast concrete proved to be the ideal solution.


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Project Team


Craig Gaulden Davis Inc.


South Carolina Children’s Theatre


Triangle Construction Company Inc.


The Fuller Group

Precast Concrete Producer



Key Project Attributes

  • The auditorium’s precast concrete perimeter walls isolate exterior noise from the performance space and support the rigging systems.
  • The precast concrete panels incorporate several sandblast depths for texture as well as a variety of joint patterns and reveals to add visual appeal.
  • Precast concrete mass walls not only isolate external noise from the activities within, but the continuously insulated panels provide an R-value of 11, reducing the energy costs for cooling.

Project/Precast Scope

  • The structure totals 36,821 square feet of space.
  • Metromont cast composite insulated precast concrete panels from 8 to 10 in. thick that soar 50 ft high, varying in width from 10 to 12 ft.
  • The main stage seats 300 people, and its proscenium style offers an intimate experience for audiences.