Proj Overview


Faced with higher enrollment, rising maintenance costs, and inadequate facilities at Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Ind., Center Grove Community School Corp. put a phased project in motion that included a new student activity center (SAC) and natatorium.

The first phase, the SAC, answers the need for an upgraded space for sports as well as a variety of fitness and cocurricular activities. The success of the SAC led directly into phase two of the Center Grove project, the natatorium. This structure was meant to replace the original pool, which was built in 1994 and no longer met program needs.

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The architect and owner decided to go the extra mile, specifying a total–precast concrete system for the interior walls in the locker rooms, the risers, and the raker beams for the grandstand. They said the extra cost is money well spent.


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Project Team


Fanning Howey

Construction Manager



Center Grove Community School Corp.

Structural Engineer

TLF Inc.

Precast Concrete Producer

Coreslab Structures Indianapolis

Key Project Attributes

  • The student activity center and natatorium occupy a relatively tight site so the project was served well by using precast concrete.
  • The student activity center doubles as a shelter in case of severe weather.
  • Speed of construction was a huge advantage that factored into the client’s decision to use precast concrete.
  • All-precast concrete interior components were fabricated with long-term durability in mind.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Installing 195 precast concrete components for the natatorium took six weeks.
  • Precast concrete sandwich panels met the construction team’s criteria for preventing moisture in the building envelope.
  • In both facilities, the finished interior precast concrete panels are either coated or have an acoustical finish.