Proj Overview

Jefferson Elementary School is one of three new elementary schools constructed by Grand Island Public Schools that incorporated the use of insulated architectural wall panels.  Enterprise Precast Concrete produced the 12” thick insulated wall panels that provide an energy efficient durable exterior finish in addition to serving as the building’s structural system. 

The design of this new two story, 67,640 square-foot elementary school took into account 21st-century learning concepts that include adequate and flexible space for current and future programming needs. The new school has multiple safety features built into the design that include restricted and monitored entry access, construction methods to improve break-in resistance, and designated classrooms to provide protection from storms.

Working closely with the architect and the school district to create an aesthetically pleasing design, the panels incorporated the use of thin brick provided by Endicott Thin Brick and Tile along with formliner and acid etch finish.


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Project Team


CMBA Architects


Chief Construction


Enterprise Precast Concrete


Patriot Steel Erection 

Precast Specialty Engineer:

Enterprise Properties

Thin Brick Producer:

Endicott Thin Brick & Tile LLC


Jacia Phillips | Arch Photo KC

Key Project Attributes

  • Safety features built into the design
  • Insulated precast concrete wall panels incorporated the use of thin brick

Project/Precast Scope

  • 67,640 square-foot elementary school
  • 12” thick insulated wall panels