Proj Overview


Cambria Suites is a stylish and contemporary hotel built to serve downtown Asheville’s needs for upscale, boutique tourism accommodations. This modern hotel features an authentic Cuban restaurant, bar and large outdoor gathering area with firepits and views of the city and nearby mountains.

The hotel was designed as a PT podium for the first 5 levels, with parking below. Concrete hollow core plank was specified from the 6th floor through the 12th floor and roof. Coreslab Structures used the general contractor’s on-site tower crane, as the area around the project was severely limited and only accessible on two sides.


Hollow core plank was specified for the structure from the 6th floor to the 12th floor and roof. Hollow core plank provided an efficient structural system that could help accelerate the construction schedule. The hollow core plank was picked directly from the delivery flatbed truck and immediately placed on the structure. The project accounted for 76,610 SF of 8” hollow core plank or 859 pieces.


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Project Team


Mind’s Eye Architecture


Stewart Engineering


Kirkland / Weavercooke


FIRC Group


Coreslab Structures (ATLANTA)

Precast Specialty Engineer

Coreslab Structures (ATLANTA)

Key Project Attributes

  • Each hollow core floor was erected in less than a week per floor.
  • Minimal area needed for erecting – only access for delivery truck necessary.
  • Production and erection not affected by adverse weather events.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Cambria Suites by Choice Hotels
  • 76,610 SF
  • 859 pieces of 8” hollow core plank
  • Floors 6 – 12 and Roof