Proj Overview

Project Overview

The Humbucker is a 9-story total precast rental apartment for University of Wisconsin students.?The exterior is comprised of structural precast wall panels with an architectural finish of colored concrete with an acid etched finish. The project consists of 75 apartments and below grade parking.

As a design build project, the project owner, design team, and precaster were able partner with each other from the initial design. By understanding project goals early on, the design team was able to help create ideas to achieve them. The challenge was to quickly create an appealing structure in an efficient and durable manner to meet the demands and rigors of the student rental market.

Precast Solution

As a student apartment building, the expectation for wear and tear was pretty high. Precast concrete construction was the perfect solution based on its aesthetic possibilities, safety, durability and speed of construction. In addition to exterior precast walls, the project utilized numerous precast concrete products, including columns, beams, hollowcore plank, interior walls, balconies, and stair/landing units.

The 98,000-square-foot building was erected in 12 weeks in the middle of winter.?


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Project Team


Bark Design 


SRI Design, Inc. 


Ideal Builders 


Gebhardt Development 


Mid-States Concrete Industries

Key Project Attributes

  • 9-story student rental apartment building
  • Below grade parking
  • Total precast construction
  • Design/build project
  • Precast provides aesthetic appeal for rental units
  • Precast durability handles high student wear and tear
  • Precast speed meets tight schedule
  • Erected in 12 weeks in the middle of winter

Project/Precast Scope

  • 98,000-square-foot building with 75 apartments
  • Structural precast wall panels
  • Colored concrete wall panels with acid etched finish
  • 89,500 sf of Hollowcore Plank
  • 7 precast columns
  • 33 precast beams
  • 206 exterior wall panels?
  • 83 interior precast wall panels
  • 52 precast balconies
  • 36 stair and landing units