Proj Overview

Project Overview

This five-story residence hall at North Central College totals 101,101 square feet and accommodates 229 students in apartment-style suites. The common areas of the building provide break-out meeting space, a public kitchen, and a central computer lab, individual floor lounges, and laundry rooms.

The project is a prime example of how precasters can add windows, doors, radiant tubing, electrical components, and even finished roofing cast into their precast components. The goal is to ensure consistent quality, cut construction time, reduce site labor, speed construction, and provide energy-efficient weather-tight structures fast.

Precast Solution

The total precast residence hall project features R-24, 10-inch-thick exterior, insulated double walls with windows factory installed. Interior walls are insulated 8-inch-thick double walls. Floors are 10-inch-thick, insulated double wall panels with embedded radiant tubing. Interior precast walls have cast-in electrical components. Roof consists of R-36 insulated double wall panels with a white roof membrane cast into the panels.
With a brick and stone form liner finish, exterior wall panels were painted to match other campus buildings.


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Project Team


Buchar Mitchell Bajt Architects Inc. 

Structural Engineer

Larson Engineering 

Civil Engineer

Cemcon Ltd. 


Ketchmark & Associates 


North Central College 


Bulley & Andrews 

Project Manager

U.S. Equities Realty, LLC 

Landscape Architect

Hitchcock Design Group 

Technology Designer

Advanced Data Technologies 


Dukane Precast

Key Project Attributes

  • 5 story student housing
  • 229 students in apartment-like suites
  • Tight site in an historic district
  • Aggressive 13-month schedule
  • Demand for sustainable construction
  • 30 roof-top solar panels provide hot water

Project/Precast Scope

  • Exterior used 44,000 ft2 of precast, insulated 10” double walls
  • 3-4-3 exterior walls have R-24 rating and include 227 windows installed in the plant
  • Panels range from 10-11’ high and 25-30’ long
  • Painted brick and stone form liner finish
  • 55,000 ft2 of 8” 3-2-3 precast double walls on interior
  • 83,000 ft2 of 10” 3-4-3 precast insulated double wall floors with cast-in radiant tubing and spans of 28-30’
  • 17,000 ft2 of 12” 3-6-3 insulated precast double wall panels for roof with cast-in roofing membrane and an R-36 rating
  • 5,000 ft2 of conventional precast panels for stair wells, elevator shafts, etc.
  • Precast retaining walls around retention pond with T-wall units
  • Solar panels provide 30% of energy needed to heat water, saves 3,810 therms of natural gas per year