Proj Overview

The Battery Wharf mixed-use development being constructed along Boston's inner harbor features a precast structural system fabricated by Strescon Limited. The project extends the shoreline out into the harbor water, creating a courtyard around which the other buildings will be focused. The $148-million project includes 104 condominiums, a 150-room Regent International hotel, an 18,000 sq. ft. spa, 40,000 sq. ft. of retail space and an underground parking garage for 376 cars.

At the center of the project is a courtyard supported by a European designed-precast concrete system. Although used widely in Europe this is the first time the system has been adapted for the United States. The innovative design creates a structurally secure platform. The design features precast concrete solid slabs, beams, pile caps, perimeter beams and specially designed "troughs". The troughs are 4-foot deep U-channels, placed on precast concrete piles and supported temporarily with concrete members. Reinforcing steel is run throughout the channel and precast concrete slabs are then laid over the tops. The hollow center portion is then filed with concrete, and another 3 inches of concrete is then poured over the slabs. Due to the complicated logistics of working along the harbor, the components had to be set from a barge.

The courtyard also includes precast concrete parapet panels around the edges, as a safety barrier for traffic and pedestrian. Condominium and hotel structures will be facing the courtyard.


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Project Team


Strescon Limited; Saint John, Canada
Vynorius Prestress, Inc.; Salisbury, MA


The Architectural Team, Chelsea, MA

Structural Consultants

McNamara / Salvia, Boston, MA

Construction Manager

Skanska USA, Boston, MA

Warf Contractor

PIHL-RDA Battery Warf LLC


Project/Precast Scope

Strescon Limited: Precast troughs /pile caps & Precast Beams
Vynorius Prestress - Precast Piles