All Appeals, Complaints, and Feedback shall be emailed to

All parties submitting Appeals and Complaints shall complete a complaint form which you can download below with each submittal.

A summary of the Appeal and Complaint Processes are written below, also more information about Appeals and Complaints can be found below.


PCI provides for an independent and impartial appeals process. All PCI Clients have the right to appeal audit findings, grades or fees and all decisions relating to granting, renewal, suspension or cancellation of certification by PCI under this program.

The Client must submit an appeal in writing with a completed Complaint form to the PCI Director of Quality Programs within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of intimation of the decision of PCI.

  • The appeal shall include substantiating information.
  • The Director of Quality Programs will issue a written report of findings within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of the appeal.


Complaints received by PCI related to PCI Certification are treated with the utmost importance. All complaints received are recorded and acknowledged prior to investigation.

Upon receipt of the Complaint with a completed Complaint form, the Director of Quality Programs shall send a letter or email as confirmation of receipt to the complaining party.

The Director of Quality Programs shall contact the Client to discuss the contents of the complaint. The Client shall be given the opportunity to provide documentation to address the complaint.

Complaint Form
(Adobe PDF File)

Feedback to PCI

PCI seeks continuous improvement as the main objective of PCI’s overall performance. This includes regularly obtaining feedback from PCI’s customers. PCI analyzes this information and takes action for improvement to maintain the assurance of impartiality.

To provide feedback about your audit, please fill out the corresponding appraisal form located below.

To provide general feedback to PCI, please fill out the Customer Satisfaction Input Form.
Customer Satisfaction
(Adobe PDF File)

PCI also has Precast Project Feedback forms that clients of PCI Certified Plants can use. PCI Clients can have their customers fill out these forms to give feedback about a precast project.

Project Feedback - Architect
(Adobe PDF File)