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WorkshopsCourse II – Precast Concrete Mix Design07/08/2007/10/20This course is specific to needs of the Precast / Prestressed Concrete industry. Good control of concrete mix design is crucial to producing quality precast structures. It is important for precast industry professionals, production facility technical personnel, design consultants, and department of transportation materials departments to have an understanding of concrete mix design. This course is intended to train someone with a basic understanding of concrete so that they can create a concrete mix design or evaluate the suitability of a mix for specific applications. This three part series will explore the mathematics and chemistry behind creating an absolute volume mix design, and how the proper raw materials, sequencing, and production processes can yield high quality concrete consistently. Also, we will troubleshoot common mistakes in typical precast mix designs and how to avoid them, as well as adjust concrete mixes to compensate for negative external influences.EDUMIXD720EDUMIXD720
Committee Days2020 PCI Committee Days and Technical Conference09/23/2009/26/20 20CD20CD
Convention and National Bridge Conference2021 PCI Convention at The Precast Show02/23/2102/27/21Featuring the National Bridge Conference21CONV21CONV
Committee Days2021 PCI Committee Days and Technical Conference09/22/2109/25/21 21CD21CD
Convention and National Bridge Conference2022 PCI Convention at The Precast Show03/01/2203/05/22Featuring the National Bridge Conference22CONV22CONV