Thank you for joining us at the 2018 Productivity Tour in Minneapolis. We saw nearly 200 PCI Producer and Associate members for 3 days of learning from local producers about processes and latest technologies. We saw 74 people attend the Mix Design Seminar, the largest turn out to date.

Congratulations to our Ideas That Pay Off Winners!

  • 1st Place: Mark Adams, Tindall Corporation - Fall Protection Cable Rails
  • 2nd Place: Chris Atwood, Unistress Corporation - Strapping Precast
  • 3rd Place: Chris McKay, Unistress Corporation - Wet Edging
  • 4th Place: Keith Wallis, Prestressed Casting, Co. - 3 Level Riser Lift

The 2019 PCI Productivity Tour will take place May 14-16 in California. Information regarding the event will be posted as it becomes available.