Posted: 6/24/2019
 (Chicago, IL)

Job Description

Position Title:    Director, Architectural Precast Systems

Reporting Relationship:    President and CEO

Positions Supervised:  None

Overview:  The PCI Director, Architectural Precast Systems, serves as the principal representative of PCI and the precast concrete architectural systems industry to all segments of the architectural community by being an active, visible, and highly credible spokesperson in the architectural field. He or she works with the PCI marketing team and Chapters to educate and promote the use of architectural precast concrete systems.



  • Maintain cognizance of key activities and trends in the architectural building sector, including those of:
    • the American Institute of Architects (AIA);
    • the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA);
    • the concrete industry and its main associations, events, and projects;
    • competitive industries and their main associations, events, and projects.
  • Guide and facilitate the activities of the PCI Architectural Precast Concrete Committee.
  • Lead the effort to educate the architectural and owner communities on the details and benefits of the new PCI Architectural Precast Plant Certification program and the advantages of PCI quality programs, particularly PCI plant certification, for architectural applications.
  • Lead the development of information on the advantages and applications of precast concrete for building enclosure systems, including aesthetics, durability, energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Foster the development of new and improved precast concrete applications and technologies for building enclosure systems and other architectural applications.
  • Encourage involvement in PCI by leading organizations and professionals in the architectural community.

Planning and Management

  • Work with the Marketing Council to analyze market forces and trends. Help prepare short- and long-term marketing plans for building enclosure systems and other architectural precast concrete applications.
  • Formulate the annual operating plan and budget for PCI’s architectural precast concrete programs.
  • Orchestrate the annual plan with internal and external forces as needed.
  • Provide ongoing oversight and support to PCI committees:
    • Maintain contact with all committees related to architectural precast concrete. These committees include:
      • Architectural Precast Concrete Services and Manual,
      • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Panels,
      • Architectural Certification Subcommittee of the Plant Certification Committee,
      • Precast Insulated Wall Panels,
      • Marketing Council.
    • Plan and conduct, in concert with chairpersons, telephone and in-person meetings.
    • Ensure that agendas and minutes are timely. Edit and disseminate these and other committee documents.
    • Maintain accurate lists of committee members.
    • Work with the PCI committees to develop and publish reports, books, manuals, and literature that will maintain the technical Body of Knowledge for architectural precast concrete and accomplish the marketing plan to increase the use of architectural precast concrete products and systems.
      • Serve as project manager for each publication.
      • Serve as “technical editor,” if needed.
      • Proofread manuscripts.
      • Process reviews, correspondence, and ballots.
      • Work with the PCI production department to create the business plan, design, layout, and print.
    • Provide whatever resources are needed to stimulate committee attendance, enthusiasm, and activity.

Work with PCI Chapters

  • Work with PCI chapters and partners to coordinate education on and promotion of architectural precast concrete for building enclosure systems and other architectural applications
  • Serve as architectural precast concrete technical expert and speaker for local chapters, educational, and promotional events

Member Troubleshooting

  • In coordination with PCI technical staff, assist members by providing information and contacts for issues that arise relating to architectural precast concrete projects.

Work with Outside Organizations

  • Maintain cordial relations with all stakeholder groups.
  • Act as a spokesperson for the precast, prestressed concrete industry with the architectural community.
  • Understand the organizational structure and interests of each group.
  • Maintain accurate contact lists.
  • Work with these groups to broaden the range of applications for architectural precast concrete through research, education, and promotion.
  • Specifically maintain relations with groups that include:
    • AIA – American Institute of Architects
      • Strive to serve on AIA committees, particularly those related to building enclosure systems.
      • Strive to present information on architectural precast concrete at the annual convention.
      • Serve as liaison for Master Specifications.
    • DBIA – Design-Build Institute of America
      • Strive to serve on teams related to building enclosure systems.
      • Strive to present at annual the DBIA conference.

Major Programs

  • Ascent magazine
    • Serve on the Ascent Advisory Committee as architectural liaison.
    • Serve on Industry Technical Review Team.
  • PCI Architectural Certification Program
    • Lead and coordinate education efforts to the architecture community about the new PCI Architectural Plant Certification Program
    • Lead effort to get new PCI architectural certification specification adopted in AIA MasterSpec
  • PCI Architectural Precast Manual
    • Maintain an accurate list of “manual holders.”
    • Promote the manual.
    • Process and maintain errata.
    • Budget for and plan necessary and timely revisions.
  • Education materials and programs on architectural precast concrete and building enclosure systems
    • Coordinate with Marketing Council and marketing department on development and dissemination of educational and promotional materials on architectural precast concrete.
    • Coordinate with PCI education staff for webinars and online programs on architectural precast concrete.
    • Coordinate with PCI Chapters for in-person seminars on architectural precast concrete.
  • Assist marketing department promotional and educational activities
  • Design Awards
    • Advise on selection of architect judges.
    • Promote entries.
    • Help review and evaluate entries.
    • Meet with and assist judges.
    • Advise on preparation of the PowerPoint program of winning projects.
  • Architectural precast concrete educational materials
  • Webinars
  • Architectural content for digital marketing
  • Exhibits related to architectural precast concrete
  • Plan the exhibit and man the display.
  • Attempt to be a speaker on the program for the conference.
  • Notify local and regional producers and associations of the opportunity to participate.
  • Regular opportunities include:
  • National and local AIA meetings in coordination with the PCI marketing department and Local Chapter Executives Directors of PCI chapters
  • DBIA in coordination with the PCI marketing department

Common Staff Team Responsibilities

  • Convention and Committee Days planning
  • Telephone inquiries
  • Staff meetings
  • Response to issues on behalf of members

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture, architectural engineering, or related area, plus a minimum of 10 to 15 years related experience and/or training
  • Registered architect
  • Familiarity with architectural precast concrete systems
  • Demonstrated competency in leadership and management
  • Excellent verbal, analytical, organizational, and written skills

Terms of Employment:

  • Full-time position. PCI is an at-will employer.
  • Travel when necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.