Level III Quality Control School - Online March 2022

Level III Quality Control School - Online March 2022
PCI offers training courses (QC Schools) to prepare individuals for PCI personnel certification examinations. It is important to note that passing an examination satisfies only one of the requirements of personnel certification and that the final decision on certification is made independently by the PCI Quality Assurance department. More information about additional certification requirements (including related experience requirements) can be found here.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PCI is offering special reduced price online training for quality control technicians to prepare for PCI personnel certification examinations right from the comfort of your own home or office

The QC Online Course will cover each day of course without the exam; however, the registration price includes one free proctored exam per level. All attendees are asked to schedule and take the exam with a registered proctor after taking the course. The PCI Proctored Exam program will be discussed in the class and more information about PCI’s Proctored Exam Program and the PCI Personnel Certification Program will be provided upon registration.

The precast/prestressed concrete industry depends on a high level of quality in the concrete products and structures it produces. Although Level III is not itself an individual certification currently required by any category of plant certification, Level III offers distinct advantages over Levels I and II. The concepts are advanced and require considerable experience in a precast plant or an advance Civil Engineering or Technology degree. In addition to exploring in detail the individual components of concrete (like cement), advanced welding concepts are discussed and the unique process of harping elongated strands is reviewed. This course is four (4) sessions long.

Registration Note for PCI Member Organizations
A designated Company Admin for your organization must log in to add additional employees to your roster with PCI and receive the member discount. It will take 24 hours to update in the PCI system after adding them to your roster. They will also receive an email with their password to log into www.pci.org. You can watch a video of a webinar we held about company admins: Company Admin Webinar

If your staff is unsure if your organization has a designated Company Admin, please reach out to Membership@pci.org for more information.

Note: If registering multiple people for this course, please ensure that each registrant has their individual email address associated with their account as confirmation emails and further information will be sent directly to them. 

Technical Requirements
This course will run via the GoToTraining.com software. To participate fully in the course, participants will need internet access. 

Disclaimer: By submitting your course event registration, you hereby grant permission to PCI and PCI Region Affiliates to use this information to communicate with you regarding this course and other services.
3/14/2022 1:00 PM - 3/17/2022 5:00 PM
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