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fib78 - Precast Buildings in Seismic Areas HARD COPY fib-78-16H
fib84 Precast Insulated Sandwich Panels PRINT FIB-84-17
fib88 Sustainability of Precast Structures PRINT FIB-88-19
GFRC3 - GFRC Cladding: Innovation By Design PRINT GFRC-3-02H
MNL115 - Fundamentals of Prestressed Design PRINT MNL-115-68H
MNL123 - Design of Connections of Precast Concrete PRINT MNL-123-88H
MNL124 -Fire Resistance of Precast Concrete EBOOK & PRINT MNL-124-11EH
MNL124 - Fire Resistance of Precast Concrete PRINT MNL-124-11H
MNL126 Manual for the Design of Hollow-Core Slabs PRINT MNL-126-15H
MNL127 - Erector's Manual MNL-127-99
MNL128 - Recommended Practice for GFRC Panels PRINT MNL-128-01H
MNL132 - Erection Safety for Precast & Prestressed Concrete MNL-132-12
MNL135 - Tolerance Manual for Precast, 1st Ed. PRINT MNL-135-00H
Seismic Design of Precast Concrete Structure PRINT MNL-140-12EH
MNL141 Blast- Resistant Design Manual, 1st Ed PRINT MNL-141-12EH
Specification For Fire Resistance PRINT PCI-128-18
ANSI/PCI 128-19 Specification For GFRC Panels PRINT PCI-128-19
State-of-the-Art Report on Precast Concrete Pavements PRINT PP-05-12H
Employee Orientation DVD - English SLPV-109-03
Employee Orientation DVD - Spanish SLPV-109-03/SP
Safety DVD - Stressing & Employee Orientation Eng & Spanish SLPV-201-06
Design Considerations for Precast Apartment Bldgs PRINT SP-DC-75H
2017 Selected ASTM Standards for PCI-Certified Plants STN-116-17
Guidelines For Use Of Self-Consolidating Concrete HARD COPY TR-6-15H