In the late 1960’s, Dr. Alfred A. Yee, a renowned American structural engineer, invented the NMB Splice Sleeve System. This system, developed to address the challenges faced in construction today, has been continuously improved and offered by us.

The first utilization of the NMB Splice Sleeve occurred during the construction of a 38-story Ala Moana hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the precast concrete industry. This was the first NMB project successfully reduced the projected schedule by 8 months, thanks to the implementation of the NMB Splice Sleeve. Generally, users of precast concrete report a 20% time-saving advantage compared to cast-in-place.

Since our establishment in 1977 as the pioneers of the grout-filled mechanical rebar coupler, we have dedicated ourselves to the development and release of the NMB Splice Sleeve. This solution is particularly suitable for the precast concrete construction industry, offering outstanding seismic resistance and fatigue performance. In addition, it does not require personnel with special certifications to make the connection.

Since then, the NMB Splice Sleeve has found applications in various numerous award-winning buildings and bridges in the US., ranging from single-family homes to skyscrapers and from infrastructure to clean energy facilities. With its impressive performance, the NMB System has successfully withstood four strong earthquakes (Mw 6.9, 7.0, 7.8, and 9.0) without any structural damage, ultimately saving numerous lives.

While some countries may not experience earthquakes, we remain committed to providing high-performance and high-quality services. Our sustainable growth is fostered through collaborative research with universities in the United States and Japan. Additionally, we actively promote the expansion of NMB applications worldwide.

Our ultimate goal is to make significant innovative contributions to the global construction industry in the precast/prestressed concrete market.

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