Grace Construction Products, the brand you know and trust, has a new name — GCP Applied Technologies — and a renewed focus on the partnerships that have enabled us to be industry leaders for generations. We turn partnership into performance and knowledge into innovation.

GCP Applied Technologies provides a full range of innovative, reliable and superior-quality admixture products and technologies to meet the needs of any precast/prestressed concrete producer for structural, underground, or architectural precast projects. One of our latest innovations is GCP’s Complete Air Management System, which makes mastering the production of in-spec, air-entrained concrete easy. This new offering includes AIRtrac ™ - a system that measures the temperature and total air content of concrete in real-time while mixing. This one-of-a-kind, patented technology allows precasters to see what happens inside the mixer, which allows them to optimize the mixing process, reduce waste and increase in-spec concrete production.

Another component of the GCP’s Complete Air Management System is ADVA® Cast 585 high efficiency, high-range water reducer (HRWR). It has been specially formulated for the precast/prestressed concrete industry to provide a superior quality air-void system. GCP Applied Technologies is able to provide the highest level of service to its customers through fully dedicated precast concrete specialists, expert technical services team, and advanced laboratories. We are committed to help customers increase quality, enhance production efficiency, and improve profitability.

GCP Applied Technologies is proud to be a PCI Premier Partner. We are committed to supporting and helping advance the precast/prestressed concrete industry.

For more information on GCP Applied Technologies and its product offering, visit or contact Brian Miller at