Endicott’s solid foundation was formed in 1920, when the Fairchild family purchased the first equipment for a local brick manufacturing plant. Using beehive kilns, brick was supplied on many homes and commercial businesses in the Midwest. Endicott continued its steady growth and popularity, until 1970, when the plant could no longer keep up with the demand. Looking toward the future, Endicott built their first tunnel kiln and automated handling system. Endicott’s commercial market continued to spread throughout the United States and Canada, as the demand grew for their quality brick. The exclusive look of ironspot clay had become synonymous with Endicott.

In 1979, Endicott resolved to continue their expansion of providing innovative products and technology to the masonry market, hence the “Floor Tile” and “Tile Facade” line was established. Tile that was used as facade eventually came to be known as “Thin Brick” due to its narrow thickness, yet full brick look. Endicott’s foresight into the construction market once again improved the way things were done, and the keyback design of “Endicott Thin Brick” would revolutionize precast concrete panel construction.

It didn’t take long before many precasters learned that they could use Endicott’s thin brick in their projects with great success. The keyback design kept the brick locked into the precast panel, and the precision sizes of Endicott’s thin brick allowed the use of formliners to make using thin brick in precast a viable choice. In 2000 to the present, the demanding tolerances of precast have been consistently achieved by Endicott, through the implementation of continual updates of equipment and procedures.

Endicott sees precast as something that will continue to grow, and have aligned themselves with PCI Premiere Partners to further improve the market. Endicott has always been on the cutting edge, and it is with everyone involved in PCI that new possibilities can be reached. As a Premiere Partner, Endicott enjoys the great atmosphere of national and regional events to stay connected with customers and others who help continue the growth of precast.

Endicott proudly supports the precast/prestressed industry.

For more information on how Endicott Products can provide solutions to your precast project, visit us at www.endicott.com .