Organization Awards

PCI Safety Awards

Awards based on Producer Members accident data from the previous year.

T. Henry Clark Award

The T. Henry Clark Award recognizes individuals or a firm that has delivered a resource that improves or enhances the quality of precast concrete products.

PCI Certification Awards

PCI recognizes plants that have reached specific milestones such as 25 years of being PCI Certified.

PCI Design Awards

For more than 50 years PCI has conducted a Design Awards competition for North America. Each year more than 100 projects are submitted in several categories.

Sidney Freedman Craftsmanship Award

The Craftsmanship Award recognizes PCI-certified plants for excellence in manufacturing and craftsmanship of architectural precast or glass fiber-reinforced concrete structures and individual components.

PCI Associate Member Award

Each year, a PCI Associate Member is recognized for their contributions to PCI and the Industry over a period of years.