PCI Titans if the Industry are dedicated individuals who have had a profound effect on the precast/prestressed concrete industry. These individuals have provided outstanding service over a long period of time to the Industry in any functional area, including education, research, design, production, quality, erection, marketing, and/or management. 

Titans of the Industry

As of 11-01-14

Elected 2014

Dr. Ned M. Cleland
William F. Daily
Gregory F. Force
Sidney Freedman
Harry A. Gleich
Michael W. LaNier
Edwin A. McDougle *
Dr. Paul Zia

Elected 2004

Arthur R. Anderson *
Thomas B. Battles, AIA
W. Burr Bennett *
Mario J. Bertolini *
Arnold Brown *
Ross H. Bryan *
T. Henry Clack *
Thomas J. D'Arcy
William E. Dean *
Harry H. Edwards *
E.L. Erickson *
Robert D. Finfrock
Sepp Firnkas *
Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. *
Dr. Satyendra Kumar Ghosh
Armand H. Gustaferro *
Ted J. Gutt *
David W. Hanson *
R. Rex Hartup *
Dr. Neil M. Hawkins
Charles E. Hilgeman
Ervind Hognestad *
Kai Holbeck *
Francis J. Jacques *
Jack Janney *
Daniel P. Jenny * 
T.Y. Lin *
Donald R. Logan
Leslie Martin *
Robert F. Mast *
Dr. Alan H. Mattock *
Henry Nagy *
George D. Nasser
Roy L. Peck *
Jack Perlmutter *
H. Kent Preston *
Adelard A. Roy *
Normal L. Scott *
A. Fattah Shaikh *
Robert H. Singer
Irwin Speyer *
Dr. C. Douglas Sutton
Maher K. Tadros
Tom A. Thomas, Jr. *
Peter Verna *
James R. Voss
Helmuth Wilden
Charles W. Wilson *
Dr. Alfred A. Yee *
Charles C. Zollman *

* Deceased