The Educator Awards program was created to acknowledge educators who successfully incorporate precast/prestressed concrete topics into current graduate and undergraduate curricula. Although research work may be taken into consideration, the program focuses on the work of engineering and architectural professors in the classroom. Nomination forms are supported by industry personnel, fellow faculty, and even former students.

Nomination forms are available and are accepted throughout the year. The deadline for the current year is noted on the form. Nominations are kept on file for three years, after which the nomination must be resubmitted if the educator has yet to be selected for the award. Nominations can be updated at any time and will be judged in the condition they are received.

Distinguished Educator Award

The purpose of the distinguished educator award is to recognize the contributions of professional educators for a sustained period during their careers. Ideally, the award should be made to an educator just before consideration for promotion to full professor or to an educator who has demonstrated sustained educational contributions over a long period of time. This award is for PCI members who are full time educators (it is not appropriate for part-time or adjunct faculty). The nominee should show sustained contributions to the educational mission of PCI. These contributions must include a demonstrated impact on education of undergraduate, graduate, and/or continuing education students. Research contributions can be considered (as part of the PCI Educational Mission), but excellence in research alone is not a reason to present the Distinguished Educator Award.

Distinguished Educator Award Winners

  • 2020: Michael Carlos Barrios Kleiss - Clemson University
  • 2019: Sergio Breña - University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • 2017: Lawrence K. Kahn - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2016: Wael Zatar - Marshall University
  • 2015: Clay J. Naito - Lehigh University
  • 2014: Yahya Gino Kurama - Notre Dame
  • 2013: Gil Snyder - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • 2012: John Stanton - University of Washington
  • 2011: Tony Naaman - University of Michigan
  • 2010: Tess Ahlborn - Michigan Technological University
  • 2009: Catherine E. French - University of Minnesota
  • 2008: Sami H. Rizkalla - North Carolina State University
  • 2007: Michael Oliva University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • 2006: Eric Steinberg - Ohio University
  • 2005: Norman Lach - Southern Illinois University
  • 2004: Paul Zia - North Carolina State University
  • 2003: Richard Miller - University of Cincinnati
  • 2002: Stephen P. Pessiki - Lehigh University
  • 2001: Neil Hawkins - University of Illinois
  • 2000: Ned Burns - University of Texas - Austin
  • 1999: Alan H. Mattock - University of Washington
  • 1998: Alex Aswad - Pennsylvania State Harrisburg
  • 1997: Douglas Sutton - Purdue University
  • 1996: A Fattah Shaikh - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • 1995: Maher Tadros - University of Nebraska

Educator of the Year Award (formerly Young Educator Award)

This award is intended to recognize early-career contributions to the PCI education mission or a singular, truly significant contribution to education. While research contributions should be considered, the primary consideration should be on contributions to instruction (at all levels), student learning and/or educational service. Candidates who have won the Educator Award are eligible for the Distinguished Educator Award but must have a separate nomination for the new award.

Educator of the Year Award Winners