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Webinar - Sustainable Structures Webinar Series10/16/2024Save the date for the final installment of the 2024 Sustainable Structures Webinar Series2024SSWS10
Webinar: Kansas City International Airport Parking Garage9/18/2024This presentation will be a case study of the new parking garage at the brand-new Kansas City International Airport from the Developer and Precast Engineering team’s perspective.PCIMW09182
Webinar - Designing Healthy Buildings With Concrete8/21/2024Concrete is a durable material that is well known for its strength and resilience and ability to protect the lives, livelihoods and lifestyles of people and communities.2024SSWS08

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Webinar: Smart Building Solutions for Education7/17/2024In this webinar, design team partners will share K-12 stories that showcase the use of prefabricated solutions in new K-12 construction.PCIMW07172
Webinar - Sustainable Structures Webinar Series6/12/20242024 Sustainable Structures Webinar Series: Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms: Resilient Structures, Sustainable Communities2024SSWS06
Webinar: Precast Perspectives5/15/2024Precast Perspectives: Case Studies from an Architect’s and a Precast Producer’s Point of ViewPCIMW51524
Webinar - Sustainable Structures Webinar Series4/17/2024This is the second installment of the 2024 Sustainable Structures Webinar Series: Change is Constant, Concrete is Forever2024SSWS04
Webinar - Developments in Sustainable Precast Concrete4/17/2024Full Title - "Innovations and Operations: Developments in Sustainable Precast Concrete", hosted by - AIA Redwood Empire Chapter.WEB240417
Webinar: How to Harness AI Ethically3/20/2024Get your ethics credits here!PCIMW32024
Webinar - Sustainable Structures Webinar Series2/21/2024Meta’s Road to Net Zero: How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Leveraged by Project Teams to Scale Use of Low Carbon Concrete2024SSWS02
Webinar: Constructability of Precast Concrete1/17/2024This presentation will discuss common questions and concerns related to precast concrete design and construction and offer practical solutions for integrating precast concrete into every project.WEBINAR
Webinar: ABCs of Carbon Neutral Concrete: LCAs, EPDs and PCR10/18/2023This is the final installment of the 2023 Sustainable Structures Webinar Series. LCAs, EPDs, and PCRs… there are many acronyms and terms associated with evaluating the carbon neutrality of concrete. Join Dean Frank, NEU Executive Director, to learn about existing tools and processes related to assessing environmental information related to carbon neutrality of concrete and how these tools and processes relate to and depend on each other.PCIMW10182
Webinar: Innovative Engineering - CONRAC O’Hare Airport9/27/2023Innovative Engineering: Exploring the Benefits of Total Precast Construction on the CONRAC O’Hare Airport This program aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the engineering advantages associated with total precast construction. Focusing on the CONRAC project at O'Hare International Airport as a case study participants will gain insights to the remarkable engineering advantages offered by total precast  construction and will explore the structural design considerations, involved in this cutting-edge project.PCIMW92723
Webinar: The Role of Concrete in Carbon Neutrality8/16/2023This presentation was part of the 2023 Sustainable Structures Webinar Series. This presentation will introduce the work of NEU, an ACI Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete, and discuss the important role of concrete in reaching carbon neutrality. The presentation will provide an overview of key terms and concepts, the latest information on green concrete codes, and examples of low carbon practices for the concrete industry for the present and future.WEB081623
Webinar: Streamlining Construction Projects7/19/2023This educational program is designed to help participants understand the benefits of pre-manufacturing and constructability in precast concrete construction. This program will provide an overview of the concept and explore its role in streamlining construction projects. Participants will learn about the key benefits of pre-manufacturing and constructability, including time and cost savings, improved quality control, and increased safety on the job site. Real-world case studies of successful precast concrete construction projects will be analyzed to showcase the techniques utilized for streamlining construction projects. Strategies for incorporating pre-manufacturing and constructability into construction project planning and management will be explored, as well as potential challenges and limitations.PCIMW71923
Webinar: Sustainability Initiatives in the Concrete Industry6/21/2023This webinar is part of the 2023 Sustainable Structures Webinar Series. Concrete is a durable, resilient material that can provide many benefits to efficient, sustainable structures in the long term. While concrete does have an upfront CO2 impact, the industry is working to reduce GHG emissions and increase the efficiency of its products. This presentation will discuss technical innovations to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete and examine current process improvements that are pushing the industry forward to a more sustainable future.WEB062123
Precast Floor and Roof Systems Webinar5/11/2023This is an introductory course designed to acquaint the design professional with the basic components of precast floor and roof systems. Design options and examples will be presented. The attendee will also see numerous examples of hollow-core planks, solid slabs and double tee systems that have been integrated into building systems.PFRSWEB11
Multifamily Residence Precast Concrete Podium Construction5/10/2023Webinar: Precast Concrete Podium Construction for Multifamily Residential Structures. In the Midwest, multifamily residential structures are typically designed with underground parking. A popular design option for these structures is a precast concrete podium slab that acts as both a structural floor and as a transfer slab for wood and light gauge steel framed construction above. Because these slabs are situated above parking levels, they require higher fire ratings and reduced sound transmission levels.WEB230510
Webinar: Design for Resilience and Sustainability4/12/2023Resilient design of buildings in the twenty-first century is imperative given increased intensity and frequency of extreme adverse climatic events.  Buildings must withstand environmental impacts to their exteriors while simultaneously protecting the occupants within and maintain operational functionality.WEB230412
Understand Embodied Carbon – Precast Net Zero Considerations3/16/2023Full Webinar Title: Understanding Embodied Carbon - Net Zero Considerations for Precast Concrete 1.0 AIA LU/HSW and 1.0 hr CEU - CA Net Zero ZNCDWEB230316
Webinar Case Study: Pike’s Peak Visitor’s Center3/15/2023Building at the top of Pike’s Peak, one of the most iconic and environmentally sensitive locations in the West, presented numerous challenges. In the construction of the Pike’s Peak Visitor’s Center and High Altitude Research Lab, precast/prestressed concrete provided the design team multiple benefits in site and energy efficiency and was integral to the success of the project.WEB230315
Webinar - PLC One Year Later: Demonstrating Progress2/15/2023Everywhere you look, the interest in sustainability is strong. This presentation will review how cement and concrete continue to evolve a year after the release of Portland Cement Association’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality. Many cement producers have announced a shift toward production of portland-limestone cement, or PLC, to reduce their own carbon footprint; many designers have embraced its use. We’ll highlight some recent examples of PLC projects and look at how lower carbon cement fits into the broader efforts of the construction industry to chip away at the environmental footprint associated with creating resilient infrastructure. After this program, participants will have increased knowledge on achieving more sustainable concrete as they understand how to use PLC and other emerging technology and how to quantify impacts associated with them.WEB230215
Webinar: Construction Industry Ethics1/18/2023This presentation will consider the ethic dimensions of practicing architecture, engineering, building contracting and other construction industry roles and the challenges facing our profession. We will dive into ethical frameworks, common dilemmas, and the question of how we make our world a better place through our practice.WEB230118